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Refrigerated Unit for Truck&Van-Meat and Poultry

Transporting fresh meat products or Transporting processed meat products, Snewang always offers Refrigeration Transporting Meat and Poultry Solution. Make sure temperature & humidity fresh as original condition, our snewang refrigerated
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snewang SR-450

The selection of refrigerated units for refrigerated trucks

The main components of a refrigerated truck: truck chassis, boxcar, and refrigerated unit. Let’s talk about how to choose a refrigerated unit: 1, As the major part of the refrigerated trucks, the refrigerated unit plays an important role. Due to the limited boxcar space, the technical requirement for temperature control is strict. 2, It is said that you get what you pay for, and the price of imported refrigerated units is expensive. Like Thermo King, Carrier refrigerated units, the cheapest new ones cost a lot. In contrast, Snewang refrigerated units are of lower prices,
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