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Generally, when you open uTorrent, that last process of uTorrent should appear on the screen. But due to this bug, the files tend to disappear automatically. Without any shortcut on your desktop and no start up leaves you nowhere to click to open the torrent.

Just make sure you leave the torrent file and file you downloaded in their download folder. Allow the file to ‘seed’ until your ratio reaches 1. A ratio of 1 means that you’ve ‘seeded’ as much as you’ve downloaded.

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EpicScale claims that all profit obtained from such activity will be used to “change the world”. So you have finally decided to install uTorrent (or “µTorrent”) on your computer and do everything you have to do while completing the uTorrent installation wizard. But now when you go to your boot menu or desktop, you can’t seem to find the uTorrent icon.

  • It’s advisable to arm your computer with a strong antivirus to block viruses and a VPN to shield your identity online.
  • In general, the higher the number of seeds listed for a torrent, the faster it will be.
  • We used a 15 Mbit/s internet connection to perform our tests, and were connected to a VPN for all the downloads.
  • By default, the number to the right of the “Maximum number of active downloads” heading is “5”, but you should delete this number and type 1 into the box.

That’s why throttling back on downloads can have a negative impact on upload speeds and vice versa. If you have a slow download speed, you should cut your upload by a quarter to get the best results. Each file that you are downloading in uTorrent takes up a portion of your bandwidth. When more than one file is downloading at max speed, the files will take a longer time to finish. Watch the first movie while you wait for the second one to finish downloading!

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Thus, this setting needs to be 520 for a 1Mbits connection. Please advice me the procedure ,so that I can download movies & games from utorrent. Who to increase the speed of [utorrent 3.0 Alpha] I am getting a very bad speed of 0.2kbps download speed .Can it be resolved Can I get a good speed .please help me at . I’m downloading a torrent file it has got struck in 99.8 and is not moving further the no. of seeds and peers are coming o.. Hi, i have a 256 download speed, however i am only downloading at a maximum of 5kbps, however i do have a bad seed to peer ratio but believe it should be somewhat better.

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When leecher downloads all the parts of the file he becomes a seeder. Before moving to the healthy torrent you need to make yourself clear about the concept of seeder and leecher. These two things are very important in the torrent world but generally neglected by most of the users. In my opinion it’s another of those unnecessary security precautions like anti-virus that ends up causing far more problems that it’s worth.

Offers automatic protection from viruses and malware. It will save configuration time, but it is just another powerful virus scanner. In the end, you can also get infected using premium versions. Update everything, your antivirus software, OS, Service packs, even PDF readers. The following picture shows Windows Defender detecting a potential malware.

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